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The Farmer

Rice Husk Farmers

On average, a farmer in India earns 120,000 rupees ($1,500 USD) annually. Each Rice farmer produces approximately 6 Metric Tons of Husk each year. A farmer pays 2,000 rupees ($25 USD) per metric ton to burn their husk. This means they are spending around 12,000 rupees ($150 USD) annually on burning their waste, or about 10% of their annual income. On burning waste! Collectively, farmers are paying nearly $11 Billion USD to get rid of something that can be reused and sold. Now, with a way to sell their husk while also being environmentally friendly, farmers have an opportunity to make money off their waste.  

Husk burning contributes to approximately 20-30% of India's pollution, and if we can help the farmers while also saving the environment, it's a win-win situation. 

Since 2019, I've made desks using Rice Husk, and have donated them to schools in Haryana, India. So far, I've donated desks that have directly affected the learning of 50 students, and a new batch is always on the way. 

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