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My Story

Like every creation, Husking Pollution started as a simple idea. When I first moved to New Delhi in 2016,  I loved it. During my first winter, the only problem I had was the severe pollution. Like every other 11-year-old, I became curious and researched smog in Delhi and where it comes from. I'd ask my parents, friends, teachers, and everyone around me "Why is the pollution so heavy in winter?" After a while, I learnt that the burning of rice husks in the northern states of India was the culprit. Immediately, I looked for solutions.

Then, in 2019, after research and interactions with people in the field of environmentalism, a bright light appeared over my head. The husk that is currently being burnt can be used as a substitute for MDF or plywood. It has similar properties and is just as sturdy. Rather than making furniture out of plywood that has harmful carcinogens, why not use all-natural husk?

A young Rocky with an idea had to check if it was viable. First, we made a chair. I sat on it, and it worked perfectly fine (I was not a small 13-year-old). With a will and a way, I spoke in a TEDx Talk about a solution to the emissions in India, and this idea has since evolved to the idea of creating agriculturally friendly desks made from this husk in India. Every time I get the chance, I donate the desks that I create to schools who need them.

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